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About the Book

About Angie Slagle

Angie Slagle is a mother of two children. She is a surgical assistant by day and a yogi by night. Having a son with special needs has given her a mission to help people find the "ability" in disability. Her books are written to share her son's passion for animals, numbers, cars, and sports. The Boy That Could is for anyone who has ever been told they can't.

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The Boy That Could is an inspirational true story that inspires all - from parents to therapists, teachers, and children. Follow the the heartwarming journey of mother and son, this is only the beginning.

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"Have you ever heard “you can’t do that” or even convince yourself “it could never happen to me” ?
Well I’m here to tell you to erase those negative thoughts and imagine 
What if? 
What if I just tried a little everyday to see what happens? 
Watching my son’s curiosity as I read to him led me to his ability to read at the age of 3! How was it that he was non verbal but reading ? 
Testing his reading skills I laid out 50 then a 100 index cards out and had him hand me each card I asked for. It’s about learning your child and seeing their world through their lens. "

A Word from the Author


Thank you for sharing your story! My kids have loved the book. My husband is a teacher too and he was thrilled.

Dr. Moyer, Sky Women Health

I love The Boy That Could! Thank you for sending this book to me. What an inspirational read.

Crystal, Reader

Heartwarming and delightful! Full of charming illustrations, an inspiring story full of love and hope. Angie delivers when it is needed most.

Nora C., Reader

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